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JPMC offers Dry Needling promotion

Feb 19, 2014

THOUGH many may squirm at the idea of being pricked with a needle, sometimes overcoming this particular fear can be quite helpful, especially in relieving muscle tension that just can't seem to go away.

From February 25 until March 25, 2014, Jerudong Park Medical Centre (JPMC) is offering potential patients the opportunity to experience an alternative form of medicine known as dry needling at competitive prices, complete with a 25 per cent discount on consultation fee on the first visit of assessment and session packages.

During a press conference that was held yesterday, it was explained that the promotion comes in three session packages upon eligibility, which includes a first session package offer for a 30-minute treatment; a second session package for a 60-minute treatment; and a third session package for a 75-minute treatment.

Often confused with acupuncture, dry needling is based on Western Neuroanatomy and modern scientific study of the musculoskeletal system and equipment used in this particular practice includes very thin needles directly inserted into trigger point areas of the muscle to deactivate and desensitise the area to reduce pain attributed by what many people know as knots.

As explained by the Head of Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy, Vivian Tie, the treatment is not limited to age, except for children, but a number of precautionary measures will have to be considered.

Among those who have to reconsider this option, she said, are diabetic patients, pregnant mothers in their first trimester as well as those with heart and blood conditions.

Depending on the individual's threshold for pain, the procedure itself is seamless and virtually pain-free and the results, more often than not, are instantaneous depending on the patient's health history.

"Dry needling promotes healing," she expressed. "It very much has to do with functionality gain as well as pain relief and therefore, improves an individual's quality of life," especially since the procedure directly relieves the muscles and encourages better flexibility that tight muscles have difficulty in doing.

"Some patients describe it as an intense experience but some describe the process as being massaged in the right places," she said.

The Department of Rehabilitation, meanwhile, is open for consultations every Monday to Friday, from 8am to 12noon and from 1pm to 5pm and will be closed from 12noon to 2pm on Fridays to make way for Friday prayers.

On Saturday, the department will be open from 8am to 12noon only.

Among the services include therapeutic rehabilitation of musculoskeletal, neurological, vestibular conditions, geriatric and paediatric patients and so on.

The redemption period for the session packages is from February 25 to April 12, 2014.​

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