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JPMC to hold Breast Screening Promotion for two weekends

Dec 11, 2013

THE Jerudong Park Medical Centre (JPMC) will be holding a Breast Screening Promotion beginning this Saturday, December 14 and the promotion will run for two weekends only, announced JPMC at a press conference that took place at the centre's JCI Board Room yesterday.


Speaking to the media were Marketing Officer of JPMC, Ak Danny bin Pg Tajuddin and Radiologist Dr Shyja Abraham Sequeira. Ak Danny added that the Breast Screening Promotion period will be available on December 14, 15, 21 and 22 and people can get the result on the same day of the screening.

"Breast screening should be conducted at the ages of 40 to 69 years old. That is the age range where most suspicious abnormalities are usually detected.

"According to International Breast Screening Guidelines, every woman should have a breast screening once every two years," highlighted Dr Shyja Abraham.

She added that for ages 40 to 49 years, breast screening should be done once a year while ages 50 to 69 years should have it done once every two years and at the same time, they should practise self-examination at home monthly.

In the mammography procedure, the breast is compressed between two plastic plates to a certain degree that the patient can bear and is adjustable so that the patient will not feel too much discomfort and it lasts only for a few seconds for each session of the four x-rays.

Dr Shyja Abraham further pointed out that according to statistics, the incidents of breast cancer in Brunei is quite high with most cases being advanced cases and in advance stage. Patients suffer more as once it spreads there will be lots of disabilities.​

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