Dr Hjh Nuraizan Aida Mohammad Taha

Dr Hjh Nuraizan Aida Mohammad Taha
Dr Hjh Nuraizan Aida Mohammad Taha
Specialty: General Practitioner

About The Doctor

Length of Work: 

Dr. Nuraizan is a well qualified physician trained in Republic of Ireland in the year 2000 from University College Cork. She has over 18 years of clinical experiences including working in various centers of excellences in hospitals in Ireland.

She has also obtained a Post-graduate Diploma in Public Health from the University of Liverpool in 2015, looking at various means of optimizing the general health of the public in the best possible manners. 

She has previously worked for many years as a community based Physician in Dublin, providing primary care health for adults with Intellectual Disabilities. She was involved in making various medical policies for the organization there. She has significant experiences in management of Alzheimer’s Disease and was also involved in the Steering Group for H1N1 epidemic outbreak in 2009 in Dublin. 

Her previous experiences also covered both Radiation and Medical Oncology, Geriatric Medicine, Dermatology, Neurology, Cardiology, Endocrinology, Orthopaedics and Neurosurgery placements during her training in various hospitals in Ireland. 

She has obtained European Certificate for Essential Palliative Care and attended many courses notably Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Basic Life Support, European Paediatric Life Support, Neonatal Resuscitation Programme, Diabetes for Primary Care and Irish Family Planning Association Family Planning, to name a few. Her other non-medical interests led her to obtain certification as a qualified Infant Massage Instructor. She is also passionate about nutrition leading her to obtain Human Intercollegiate Nutrition Certificate from the University of Southampton. Outside work, she loves travelling, cooking, baking and interior decorating.​​

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