Code of Ethical Conduct

The code of Ethical Conduct is a tool to help create and maintain culture of which integrity is a set of rules that clearly and concisely outline the types of behaviors that are expected in the workplace. It is crucial to have in creating a safe, secure and healthy work environment in which people are respected and valued as equal team members in the delivery of care.

To whom does the Code of Ethical Conduct apply? 

The code of Ethical Conduct applies to all Board members and employees of Jerudong Park Medical Centre (JPMC), including medical/professional staff, contract staff, students and other employees. Without exception, this Code applies equally to everyone at all levels in the organization.

Four reporting options are available: 


When you encounter an incident where a member of JPMC is not adhering to the Code of Ethical Conduct, you are encouraged to speak directly, respectfully and privately to that person. You are to advise that person that his/her behaviour is inappropriate and unwelcome.

Living by our values 

Jerudong Park Medical Centre (JPMC) is a private specialist hospital offering a spectrum of services catering to your family and organizational needs which includes general, specialized and surgical healthcare services. These services are provided by our highly qualified and committed multi-disciplinary medical team utilizing state-of-the-art technology.

At JPMC, we take pride in looking after your health and your wellbeing. We believe in providing quality healthcare services to all our patients.

Respect, Rights and Responsibility 

JPMC is committed to fostering a healthy and positive environment that respects the personal worth, dignity and diversity of each member of the hospital community.

All individuals Subject to this policy: Rights and Responsibilities

Every person subject to this policy deserves to be treated fairly and equitable.

You have the right to:

  • Work in a respectful environment
  • Be free from discrimination and harassment
  • Be assigned duties, privileges and promotions based on your job description, experience and performance; not on your membership in a specific group
  • Lodge complaints without fear and reprisal

You have the responsibility to:

  • Treat everyone in the hospital community with respect
  • Provide the same good quality of care and treatment to all patients
  • Report to a Supervisor/Manager/Director or to the Human Resource Officer any discriminatory or harassing conduct in the Hospital community that you become aware of witness
  • Fully and truthfully cooperate with investigations under the Policy


Patient and Family: Rights and Responsibilities 

It is expected that all individuals subject to this policy respect and honour the rights and responsibilities of patients. Patient rights and responsibilities are posted throughout the hospital in all public and patient care areas.

Patients and Families have the right to:

  • Be treated with dignity and respect by everyone in the hospital
  • Be free from discrimination and harassment
  • Receive, appropriate, accessible and equitable care
  • Lodge complaints without fear or reprisal

Patients and Families have the responsibility to:

  • Treat everyone in the hospital community, including staff, volunteers and other patients with respect.
  • Special consideration will be taken when a patient is cognitively impaired.

Quality of Care and Services 

It is expected that all individuals subject to this policy respect and honour the rights and responsibilities of patients. Patient rights and responsibilities are posted throughout the hospital in all public and patient care areas.

In undertaking our mission, we at JPMC seek to create a culture within the organization:

  • A recognition that the provision of high-quality patient care is our ultimate goal
  • A focus on safety, improvement and service culture
  • The continuous review and improvement of processes and structures within the organization to enhance the quality, safety and consistency of our services and the efficiency with which they are delivered
  • A supportive and safe for all in which staff can work in
  • We desire to be a learning organization well able to meet the challenge of change and to achieve world best practice
  • Compliance with Laws, Regulations and Policies
  • We are committed to high standards and professional ethics and integrity when providing patient care and conducting business while following applicable laws, regulations, and policies.

Inappropriate Behaviour 

Inappropriate behaviour is conducting oneself in a way that is undesirable, unsuitable, improper or incorrect. It is the hospital’s exclusive right and function to manage the hospital and direct the workforce so as to maintain order, discipline and efficiency within the organization. It is also the Hospital’s function to establish and enforce rules and regulations to be observed in order that it’s obligations to its patients and the community are carried out.

Examples of inappropriate behaviour or conduct include:

  • Comments that are insulting, urtful, disrespectful or rude
  • Threatening or abusive language directed at an individual
  • Degrading or demanding comments
  • Profanity or similar offensive language
  • Physical behaviour with another individual that is perceived as threatening, intimidating or unwelcome
  • Discussing workplace conduct, concerns and conflicts in front of others
  • Passive-aggressive behaviour-describes behaviour that is passive in expression but is aggressive or malicious in intent and may include non-verbal behaviour or body language that is irritating or offensive.

Responsibilities of Employees 

All employees are expected to follow all laws, regulations and policies. Anyone who suspects or knows about a violation must report this information in the knowledge that they will not be penalized.

Responsibilities of Supervisors and Managers 

Supervisors and managers must demonstrate and promote a commitment to ethical and legal behaviour that is consistent with JPMC values. As a leader you have the obligation to ensure that employees under your supervision.

Know about and follow all laws, regulations and policies within the scope of their responsibilities.

Know the procedure for reporting suspected or actual violations.

Encourage others to ask questions and to report actual or suspected violations.

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