JPMC gives all patients right to make sure that, wherever and whenever care is provided, it is of high quality and is safe.

Patient Rights


Receiving safe care is your basic rights. In JPMC, we endeavor to deliver a quality and safe care process which respects your rights to receiving or declining treatments based on educated decisions.
  • Access to quality medical care that adhere to high level of safety standards processes and environment.
  • Well-informed about their medical condition, diagnosis, the cost of care, proposed treatment, and care options. This includes understanding the associated risks, benefits, and alternatives to your treatments.
  • Expectation of care processes that are seamless and right the first time, every time.
  • The right to seek a second opinion on his/her medical condition.

Conduct Towards Patients

We believe in giving a service which respects your rights as a unique individual.
  • To be treated with courtesy, dignity, respect, and empathy.
  • To receive medical care that respects their privacy and confidentiality with due deference to their special needs such as religious or cultural preferences, as deemed safe and reasonable by healthcare providers.

Communication and Information

Patients have the right to expect effective patient-provider interactions by means of:
  • Being able to narrate their problems and concerns completely without interruptions and be listened to with empathy and without judgement.
  • Having accurate and clear information conveyed to them in an understandable manner and readily accepted by patients and carers.
  • Maintaining strict confidentiality of their personal medical information.
  • Having access to their health information following established protocols.

Patient and Carer Engagement

From the point of your first encounter with us, we believe in partnerships and shared responsibility when it comes to your health journey.
  • Personalized and trusting care which is established via continuous patient-provider relationships, where possible.
  • Actively being engaged in their care processes in order to make educated decisions about their care and treatments as well as possible options and alternatives.
  • Acknowledgement that carers play an important role in your care and well-being.

Right to Readdress

We understand things could go wrong or our service might not meet your expectations. Your feedbacks will go a long way to help us improve our services.
  • Patients have the right to lodge complaints and provide feedback and suggestions via official platforms dedicated for this purpose by the healthcare provider.
  • Where indicated, the patient has a right to a timely resolution to his/her concern.



The rights of other patients and health providers

Shared Decision Making

Provide healthcare providers with relevant and accurate information for diagnostic, treatment purpose. Advise the healthcare providers on wishes with regards to resuscitation.


Be health conscious. Care for and protect the environment. Clarify on additional medical advise & expected cost.


Inform physician and/or staff if you have difficulty following the proposed treatment.


Comply with prescribed treatment or rehabilitation procedures.


Take responsibility for your actions if you decide not to proceed or comply with the care, treatment offered, and recommendations.

Feedback Form

How JPMC Can Help You

We welcome patient feedback, to tell us what we are doing right now and what we can improve. We would like you to think about your recent experience with our service. How likely are you to recommend our practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?