JCI  Accreditation

1st Joint Commission International Awards

The Jerudong Park Medical Centre (JPMC) received the ‘Gold Seal’ award from the prestigious Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation on 20 March 2014, making JPMC the second hospital in Borneo and first for any health institution in the country to be accredited by the American-based body.

JCI Consultant and Mentor for JPMC, Associate Professor Nellie Yeo Sok Leng said that the accreditation has put JPMC on the world map, being enlisted as the 59th country to be awarded such accreditation. JPMC in a statement said that JCI is the world’s most prestigious bodies providing international healthcare accreditation to hospitals.

The accreditation is a symbol of quality that reflects the organization’s commitment to providing the best care for patients and adherence to best business practices. Chairman of JPMC, Yang Berhormat Dato Seri Setia Dr. Hj Md Isham bin Hj Jaafar, said that the accreditation proves that JPMC is on par with any internationally recognized hospital, providing assurance to patients with regards to the services on offer.

“We can reassure the public and the community that we have certain processes and procedures where the main idea is to ensure patient’s safety and promote excellent healthcare,” Dato Dr Isham said on the sidelines of an Appreciation Dinner held at Indera Samudra Hall, The Empire Hotel & Country Club yesterday.

However, he emphasized that officers at the center will not be complacent and will continue to improve its services with the accreditation having to be renewed after three years.

2nd Joint Commission International Awards

The Jerudong Park Medical Centre (JPMC) maintained its accreditation in 2017 and was awarded its 2nd Joint Commission International (JCI) award by the American-based body. JCI is an accreditation standard and survey process which evaluates patient safety and the quality of health care provided by medical institutions.

JPMC is one of over 800 organizations to have received the Gold Seal of Approval. JCI is partnered with hospitals, clinics and academic medical centers in more than 100 countries, providing them with solutions to achieve optimal performance.

JPMC’s accreditation ensures its patients’ well-being, safety and rights are protected and above all else that high-quality healthcare standards are maintained.

3rd Joint Commission International Awards

The Jerudong Park Medical Centre (JPMC) maintained its accreditation on 28th October 2020 and was awarded its 3rd Joint Commission International (JCI) award by the American-based body, a prestigious global recognized healthcare organization that aims to improve safety and quality of patient care. 

The 5-days virtual survey was conducted by two (2) Health International Surveyors, led by Ms. Diane Sanders and Dr. Ken Waxman, both from United States of America. Every survey is to ensure the hospital complies with the patient safety goals, its mission to continuously improve health care for the public and providing safe and effective care of the highest quality and value.

In line with one of the strategic priorities of JPMC, to provide quality service delivery, patient safety is always at the core of all the services provided. Hence, the JCI accreditation will further strengthen and improve the safety and quality of patient care.

4th Joint Commission International Awards

Jerudong Park Medical Centre (JPMC) has achieved a significant milestone by being awarded the 4th Joint Commission International (JCI) Gold Seal of Approval, making it the first healthcare provider in the country to receive this recognition. Since 2014, JPMC has been dedicated to enhancing healthcare practices, ensuring safety, and providing quality care for patients.

JPMC takes pride in being a leading example in the nation, inspiring other healthcare organizations to follow suit and deliver exceptional healthcare services. This achievement reflects JPMC’s unwavering dedication to maintaining high standards of patient care and safety.

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