Jerudong Park Medical Centre Conducted Mass Fire Drill to Emphasize Fire Safety and Emergency Preparedness
Jerudong Park Medical Centre Conducted Mass Fire Drill to Emphasize Fire Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Jerudong Park Medical Centre (JPMC) Management and Staff has conducted the first Mass Fire Evacuation Drill (MFED) of the year yesterday, Thursday, 28thFebruary 2019.


Staff members of JPMC took part of the drill to focus on fire safety and standard procedure on evacuation, as well as to promote emergency preparedness of patient’s visitors and staff within the hospital premises. The JPMC Management always remind the staffs to be diligent in emergency preparedness and lead an example for fire safety awareness. 

Fire drills are one of the most important safety procedures for the hospital staffs to be aware of. This will reduce the panic and injuries when an actual fire occurs.

Nurses attends to patients on wheelchair.

The MFED was organised by the JPMC Fire Safety Committee and the Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Team and the Fire Drill was supported and overseen by the Brunei Fire & Rescue Department.

More than 150 staffs were involved, and are given with various emergency situations and scenarios and supervised by the Fire & Rescue Department. Each JPMC’s department has its appointed Fire Evacuation Marshalls and they have undergone meticulous training to prepare themselves, in case of a real situation. The Fire Evacuation Marshalls treated the emergency situations with utmost dedication and showed determination to ensure everyone safety during the drill.

The Facility Management and Safety (FMS) Team has been working closely to keep the hospital environment safe, and have preventive measures from fire/disaster occurrences.Any additional feature that may bring potential risk must be screened and approved by the FMS Committee prior to installation.

Transporting patient into a vehicle during the fire drill.

Today exercise reflects the success of drill by the participating staff members. Dr. Sahib Meera Kabeer, Medical Director of JPMC said, “We want the hospital staffs to understand the importance of fire safety by conducting fire safety drills at regular intervals to ensure staffs of JPMC are familiar with fire evacuation and safety standards, as we conditioned our staff to be aware of any emergency situation to mitigate possible fatalities or injuries. It is strongly encouraged to stay calm during an evacuation to prevent mishaps from happening. One should also disregard any belonging that is out of reach, as returning to collect your belonging might bring unpredictable repercussions. In the event of a fire breakout, a pre-discussed and agreed contingency plan must be activated immediately to ensure no casualty or injury to take place.”

Hj Saiful Hassan, the Fire Safety Officer of JPMC said, “It is very important for the staff and patients to be counted and checked to inform the emergency teams so that no time is lost during the recovery phase. It is essential to know whether there are any missing staff members or patients during the fire drill, and to leave the affected area in a safe and timely manner. It is best we know our roles during a fire, to reduce panic while waiting for emergency services to arrive.”

At JPMC, we take serious precautions for everyone’s safety. Facility Management and Safety briefing is conducted at a monthly basis that aims to impart on all JPMC staff the importance of maintaining safety and the role that each staff plays in making JPMC a safe place for patients, staff, and visitors.

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