JPMC concludes celebrating International Nursing &Midwifery Day with a Conference

22nd May 2023 – To conclude this year’s celebration of International Nurses and Midwives Day, a conference was held on Saturday, 20th May 2023, at Lecture Theatre, Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD), with the theme “Nursing and Midwifery Innovations: Enhancing Impacts and Outcomes” in collaboration with PAPRSB Institute of Health Sciences (IHS), UBD.

The event began with the arrival of Guest of Honour, Yang Mulia Ms Chung Yea Fui, Director of Nursing, Jerudong Park Medical Centre (JPMC), and a recital of AlFatihah to bless the event. A pre-recorded welcoming remark was delivered by Yang Mulia Dr Hazri bin Haji Kifle, Vice-Chancellor of UBD, shortly followed by an opening remarks by Yang Berhormat Dato Seri Setia Dr Haji Mohd Isham bin Haji Jaafar, Minister of Health in the capacity of JPMC Executive Director. It was highlighted by 2030 we could be facing an estimated 13 million shortage of nurses globally if we don’t act today. It could be unimaginable but during the pandemic, shortages of nurses negatively impact the progress as COVID-19 cases increase.

The event continued with an address from INMD 2023 academic panel representative, and a token of appreciation presentation from JPMC to the PAPRSB Institute of Health Sciences, UBD. Since the conference is structured in a competitive format, the first category that started the competition was the Group Presentation, followed by the Individual Professional Presentations and Individual  Nursing/Midwifery Student Presentations. As the conference came to an end, with the academic panel representatives’ decision on the winners, the grand prize for the Group category received BND1,000. While Individual Professional category, prizes of BND500, BND300 and BND200 were awarded, and Individual Nursing/Midwifery Student category received BND500. JPMC vouchers worth more than BND400 were also awarded to the winner of the Best E-poster and People Choice Award.

At the end of the informative event, we hope that all professionals and students have gained new skills and knowledge to further improve healthcare in Brunei Darussalam. Similar to the International Nurses and Midwives Day 2023 events organised by JPMC’s Nursing Department, proceeds from the sale of the conference kits will go to the Learning Ladders Society to support their development needs and requirements.

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