JPMC Nurse Awarded at the Royal Institution's 14th Global Congress and Conferment Ceremony
JPMC Nurse Awarded at the Royal Institution's 14th Global Congress and Conferment Ceremony

The Royal Institutions 14thThe Global Congress and Conferment Ceremony was recently was held at The Empire Hotel and Country Club, from 26thto 28thFebruary 2019 which the event aimed to highlight the fields of business & industry, education, public administration and to recognise the efforts and contributions of professionals to the progress on development, education, tourism, hotel and especially medical & hospitality services in Brunei and other countries in the world.

The Royal Institution (RI), Singapore is a global, multidisciplinary professional membership and accrediting institution that also serves to level the playing field and be the premier platform for smarter and more effective global networking connecting education, business, commerce and industries and facilitating collaboration, innovation and perpetual learning for more opportunities, benefits privileges global recognition and conferment of appropriate professional titles and memberships. 

During the honourable event with this year’s theme, “Global Leadership and Its Impact on Sustainable Development”, Hjh Jerada Uddin Al-Raschid, Certified International Infant Massage Instructor and Lactation Nurse of the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Clinic of the esteemed Jerudong Park Medical Centre (JPMC) was awarded and nominated for the prestigious membership of Royal Institution in recognition of her qualifications, achievements and proven track records. 

Group Photo: Hjh Jerada U. Al Raschid (Middle)

Hjh Jerada U. Al Raschid said, “I was delighted to learn that the congress has brought together different countries to exchange knowledge and experience and at the same time, striving to further improve for the better and future of businesses in various industries and medical practice. Leadership in such industry isn’t enough to enhance the same, it is the teamwork that allows the sustainability and growth to lead the empowerment and cooperation that enable us to serve the best for the public’s healthcare. However, with that being said, providing the best healthcare is not sufficient, service plays a big role in aiding the patient to recover swiftly as it helps to calm one’s mental stability, encouraging and motivating the patient’s will to aim for a healthy status. With this, I wish to extend my gratitude to The Royal Institutions and The Jerudong Park Medical Centre for the opportunity that has broadened the fundamental nursing skills which could apply in various industries.”

The prestigious event was organized by the Royal Institution from Singapore and Philippines in collaboration with Syarikat Pakar Tenaga Bersatu, Brunei.​

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