JPMC Received "Sijil Penghargaan Masyarakat Berjasa"
JPMC Received "Sijil Penghargaan Masyarakat Berjasa"

1 July 2020 – This morning JPMC received “Sijil Penghargaan Masyarakat Berjasa” from the Brunei Fire & Rescue Department for our swift action in investigating and handling a smoke outbreak which w​as found caused by one of the air conditioners at the hospital. With the help of our staffs who are certified fire marshals, we were able to safely evacuate everyone and prevent the spread of the smoke before the firefighters arrived at the scene.​

At JPMC, we take serious precautions for everyone’s safety and making sure we meet all required International Health and Safety standards. Monthly Facility Management and Safety briefing as well as regular fire drills are conducted which aims to remind all our staff the importance of maintaining safety and the role that each of them play in making JPMC a safe place for our patients, staff, and visitors.


The ceremony took place at the Jerudong Fire and Rescue Station. The certificate was presented by Yang Mulia Penolong Penguasa Suhaimi bin Hj Muhamad, Timbalan Pegawai Pemerintah Cawangan Operasi ‘F’. Receiving the Certificate on behalf of JPMC is Hj Saiful Hassan, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Officer cum Fire Safety Officer.

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