The Jerudong Park Medical Centre And Goodlife Financial Planning Hosts Health Talk
The Jerudong Park Medical Centre And Goodlife Financial Planning Hosts Health Talk

The Jerudong Park Medical Centre and Good life Financial Planning organised a public talk on Saturday, 7th April 2018 on “Breast Imaging”.  It was delivered as part of the JPMC Department of Diagnostic Imaging ‘Breast Screening Promotion’ which plans to raise the awareness of Ultrasound and Mammogram screening. The talk described breast cancer, through various stages of the condition to diagnosis and remedy.

Goodlife Financial Planning Sdn Bhd was there to support JPMC and the subject at hand to help raise awareness about women’s general health. Their role as financial planners is to provide clients the monetary needs in order for the clients to have the best optimal healthcare available. 

One of the speakers, Dr. Shyja Abraham, JPMC Radiologist emphasised about the importance of breast screening via Ultrasound and Mammogram, the advantage is to detect the risk of any cancer cells at an early stage as this can be a preventive measure once they have diagnosed the health issue.

Dr Shyja Abraham

Breast Cancer is one of the most critical medical conditions known to man.  Risk factors regarding breast cancer includes: obesity, lack of physical exercise and ionizing radiation. The risk of breast cancer can be reduced with proper diet, by not smoking, avoiding exposure to radiation and environmental pollution, be more physically active with exercising, and controlling your weight. 

The JPMC Department of Diagnostic Imaging has begun gathering evidence to support the latest research into Breast Screening management. Dr. Shyja and her team of Radiologists have based their research and diagnosis through Radiotherapy, Ultrasound and Mammogram screening, and to provide the correct information for the patient’s condition to eliminate the risk of data errors and the impact of inaccurate diagnosis. 

The Department of Diagnostic Imaging is open from Monday to Friday from 8am to 12 noon, and from 1pm to 5 pm. On Saturdays, the clinic is open from 8am to 12 noon only. For further information or to book an appointment, please call the Department of Diagnostic Imaging at 261 1433 ext. 2223 / 2246 or email directly to [email protected]. For more information on The Jerudong Park Medical Centre, visit or email [email protected]

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