For first time parents, Antenatal Classes usually commence on the 28th week of gestational age onwards. We also offer refresher antenatal classes.

The Antenatal classes will familiarize you and your partner on what to expect during labour and delivery. The role of your birth companion will be discussed and they will be encouraged to take part in discussions about caring for your baby and adjusting to life as a parent.

Price : BND$150 for full 3-session course or BND$70 per session

Session 1 – Change and Adaptation in Pregnancy

  • Changes in your body during pregnancy
  • Nutrition & exercise during pregnancy
  • Coming to the hospital
  • Care in the hospital

Session 2 – Coping with Labour and Stages of Labour

  • Pain relief choices
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Choice of ‘painless’ delivery
  • Sign of true labour
  • Stages of Labour

Session 3 – Postnatal Care for Mother and Baby

  • Adjusting to life as a parent
  • Perineal care
  • Baby bathing
  • Immunization

Cord care

For further inquiries & appointments, please contact Obstetrics & Gynaecology Clinic at +673 261 1433 ext. 3000/3002.

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